Most everyone hates coming to a website with a slew of advertisement that beat them over the head; making the site’s experience unbearable and annoying.  Understanding that, I make the best effort to keep banner advertisement tasteful, relevant and mutually beneficial to my intended audience.  I ask that you, the reader, understand that in order for me to provide content for this site, I rely on advertising, sponsors and affiliate programs.  I will be completely open and honest about sponsored post, affiliate programs and advertising on Cue the Critic. 

Advertising on Cue the Critic

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I gladly accept opportunities to work with restaurants or food preparation products on branding and marketing projects.  I really enjoy this because it gives me an chance to share my opinion on a particular business, as well as, make a lifestyle doing so.  In accepting these opportunities it allows me to share things with my readers, such as coupons and giveaways.  I will only do sponsored post for food-related items, whether it is a restaurant, recipe, or product; it must be related to food in every way.  All sponsored post will have full disclosure.  My views and opinions are unbiased and true to heart.  I will not write a favorable review in exchange for profit; any opinion expressed on this site is my own.

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The banner ads within this site are served by Gourmet Ads, GoogleAdSense and Amazon.  When you make a purchase using an advertising banner or text link on this website, the cost remains the same to you [or is discounted], but I receive a very small percentage of the ending transaction.  I appreciate all the readers who support my website by clicking and using my affiliate links/banners.  If you do not wish to use links/banners within this site you may open a new browser window and navigated directly to the particular business you are interested in.  Whether you use my link or not, the brands and services are the same.  I appreciate any and all support given by my readers, thank you.