I don’t wanna grow up!

Have you ever taken a responsible adult trip to the grocery store?  Then somehow it turns into an all-out child adventure down the cereal aisle, ooooing and awwing whilst grabbing every colorful sugary box of cereal available?  Good, me neither!

By now, you all know that I’m a kid trapped in adult form.  That being so, it’s no surprise that I do not know how to grocery shop.  Almost, at all.  Every attempt in my adulthood has always resulted in $60-100 worth of cereal and Lactaid milk.  I suppose that’s okay seeing that I’m single and have no children living with me, but I digress.

On this trip to Walmart, I intended to purchase sandwich fixings and other items needed to satisfy my hunger during weekly 8-hour day of volunteering.  I failed, miserably.  After trotting around Walmart Supercenter in Long Beach, CA for about a hour or so, I had a basket full of Pork jerky, Pepperidge Farm cookies, Pringles, sandwich meats, pepperjack string cheese, juice, and water.  How I missed the cereal aisle while packing the basket with these items is beyond me; but despite that I stumbled upon a interesting red box of Cap’n Crunch Christmas cereal and became astonished.  I thought aloud, “No!  I’m not getting this, they got me last time with Cinnamon Crunch.  As I noticed the long aisle of colorful and engaging boxes of cereal, I began throwing the most attractive ones into my shopping cart.  I have never had these variations of my childhood favorite cereals and I was eager to try them; so I did.


Cereal Extravaganza: I’m A Big Kid, Now!

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