Life is kind of funny, at times. There are moments when we are uncertain as to where things are going or even where we want them to go. A couple days ago I wrote a blog about my experience at M’dears and it was on my 30th birthday.

About two years ago, my career path changed, I come from an IT background and had provided end-user IT support to home users, small and medium businesses throughout the Southern California area. The passion and love I had for that field of work began dying in earlier 2012 and is just about dead now, at least in a tech support sense. I do run an eCommerce business and now this food blog business, yes, this blog is a business; I am not writing for mere enjoyment or pleasure. Before I go on too long with this rant, I want to let you, my audience, know that you can dream. You can attain the dreams you imagine in your mind when you are alone. Whilst dreaming, understand that there is a road and you have to find it and take the first step.

The image above is a picture of the cover of my textbook for a class I am taking and going to ace at Long Beach City College. The course, Food Service – Sanitation In Hotel/Restaurant Management, is the very first step anyone interested in being in the culinary or hospitality industry, must take. At the end of this course I will not only have attained the needed coursework to continue on towards an education in food science or culinary arts, but also a certificate from the National Restaurant Association stating that I can manage and handle food properly. This may not mean much to many, but it is important to me because I made a decision when I started this blog that I am going to see this experience through til the end. I do not just want to share the food I eat but also to understand the process and the industry so I can convey that information over to my readers and become an authority on the subject, not just a glutton.

Dream are only dreams until you take action. Follow my lead, take action; whatever it may be to strive and progressively move forward towards attaining your dreams.

Part 1: The Journey of a Food Writer

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- I am Quincy, but you can call me Cue. I love food, and sharing my culinary experiences with you. Feel free to engaged with me over some good foodie conversation.