Carl’s Jr. would have you believe that without them, some guys would starve. I won’t!

I am not a chef, grill master or BBQ pit master; I am just a regular guy with an insane and almost inhuman passion for dead animals on a plate or between buns. Truth be told, I don’t know how to cook. Despite that, grilling with ManGrate will have anyone who tastes the delicious and savory meat yielded from them believing that I [or you] am a grill master and imperial wizard of meat magic. My culinary experience comes, mostly, from fine dining, which I suppose is not culinary experience, because I only eat the food not prepare it. When I first heard about ManGrates I decided to try them out because I am accustomed to the grill marks and the restaurant-quality taste that you get from places like Mastro’s, Lawry’s or Ruth’s Chris steakhouses; they [ManGrate] say I can grill like a pro; I believe ’em.

Mid-morning a few Fridays ago, the UPS guy rings my doorbell; I answer and he hands me a signature pad. Before taking the pad back, he excitedly says (as if he shared the joy that had overcome me), “let me sit this inside for you, it’s heavy.” Boy was he right, the box was heavy. Each grilling grate weighs about 8lbs and measures in at 15″ x 4-1/4″ x 1-3/8″ [a pair of ManGrate grilling grates covers a surface area of 15″ x 8-1/2″]. I lift the approximately 32 pound box and carry it into my kitchen where I open and find two sets of grates carefully packaged in a ManGrate branded cardboard shipping box. I removed the individually packaged sets from the box and open one. I don’t know if any of you are in to unboxing, if you are, opening your ManGrate will fill you with a joy and excitement you haven’t experienced since you were a child on Christmas morning.

ManGrate’s claim to fame is that they use the radiant heat trapped in the grates to sear and cook the meat, evenly. The angled design, hot searing surface, carefully implemented grease traps [Grease Gutters™, as they call them], and Smoke Rails™ all help prevent flare ups which may cause unwanted char and drying of the meat. Additionally, these features lock in the natural flavor [like osmosis or recycling of meat juice or something], moistness and tenderness of the meat, as well as, distribute heat evenly for a complete cook in minutes. If you’ve ever experienced dried out meat, too much smoke and excessive charring, you certainly know how horrible that can taste. ManGrate, virtually, eliminates that experience with their American-made, 100% cast-iron and indestructibly designed grilling grate. The quality is indubitable and cannot be missed from opening the box to plating and indulging in the eye-pleasing seared meat.

First Round Usage

My first experience grilling on ManGrate was rather traditional. I decided to try my hand at steaks; I hurried to the local grocer and purchased a 3-pack of USDA Choice rib eyes. Not wanting to be too fancy, I, moderately, seasoned the meat with sea salt, peppercorn medley and cumin. Before using ManGrate, like any cast-iron grilling grate, YOU must season them. I used Australian olive oil. After letting the grates season for 20 minutes, they are ready for my rib eyes. The first sizzle as you place the meat on the hot grates fills your auditory senses with a sound that sends a charge through your body informing your tongue that holy goodness is afoot. Cooking for about 5-7 minutes on each side, at a grill temperature of approximately 250 degrees, my steaks are ready; seared and dripping with natural meat juices; I plate them and go in the house to begin my feast. I take my first bite and it is amazing, moist, flavorful and om nom nom nom scrumptious.

Second Use

Last night, after a hard day of painting, a buddy and I grilled some burgers on the ManGrate. My buddy takes his first bite and begins to grunt and moan in sheer ecstasy, reminiscent of Tim Allen on Home Improvement. I take my bite of the burger featuring: a ManGrate grilled and seared patty, melted American cheddar, red onions, and lettuce all between a sweet Hawaiian toasted bun dressed with a home-made bacon & thousand island blended spread. The women in the room could not comprehend the food sex sounds which erupted from the kitchen, nor indiscernible dialogue between two grown men standing there and talking with their mouths full of heavenly grilled hamburger. Get your ManGrate today, tell Carl’s Jr. they are crazy and drive your wife and her friends insane. ManGrate, Grill Like a Pro and eat like a fat manster!



ManGrate grilled USDA Choice Ribeye Steaks

Ribeye Steaks

USDA Choice Ribeye Steaks – seasoned with Sea Salt, Peppercorn Medley and Cumin


Ribeyes on ManGrate

The sizzling sound when those steaks touched the ManGrate was astounding.


ManGrate Grill Marks

Look at those beautiful grilling lines


ManGrate - Grill Enhancement System

I tried to turn them, but I’m no chef, my crisscross didn’t come out so well.


ManGrate prepared meal!

Finally, let’s eat. ManGrate grilled ribeye steaks, grilled asparagus and wild rice. Not the best presentation, but the taste of the meat is unbeatable.


The Burgers

Beef Burgers on the ManGrate

Seasoned up some ground beef, rolled em, smashed em down into patties and put em on the ManGrate.


Burgers with Grilled Marks

Again, I say. Look at those grilling marks.


Cheeseburgers on ManGrate

Add cheese, let sit for a couple seconds. AMAZING Cheeseburgers on the ManGrate!


om nom nom nom!  ManGrates Grilling

This is the last picture of the burgers because I got so excited and anxious that I made my burger and forgot to take a picture of the final product before eating it.To give a visual, these patties went between toasted King’s Hawaiian Buns dressed with home-made thousand islands and bacon bits spread. The toppings included red onions, leaf lettuce and tomato. The juiciness from the meat, the sweetness of the red onion and tomato and the complementary taste of the lettuce brought everything together in a savory and tasty delight!



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ManGrate – Grill Like A Pro

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