I will never eat fast food again!  Exclaimed the Food Snob.  You Liar!  Say Mickey Dee’s!

In the last few years I have become a big food snob.  However, in high school during Academic Decathlon practice I was the biggest fan of McDonald’s chicken nuggets.  I would eat these things by the box loads.  It was insane.   My fellow decathlete and coach would think I had a chicken nuggets addiction (I would steal other kid’s nuggets and everything) very similar to a cocaine addiction or some other kind.  Even during my career in the United States Navy, I would lust after and have an unshakable relationship with the McGriddle.  It really wasn’t until 2006 or so that I became the food prude that I am today.  I take you on this journey down memory lane because McDonald’s has captured my heart again.  It has been two days in a row now that I’ve grubbed on the Mighty Wings as I head to school.  They are amazing.  I decided to try them after seeing the review Daym Drops did.

I look at these wings and think to myself…what is this?  How are they so huge?  Is McDonald’s growing their own chickens in the parking lot?  What is going on here?  The drummettes are extremely meaty as are the wing portion.  It’s insane.  Have you ever been to WingStop?  Those are some pretty good sized wings, yea?  They pale in comparison to the MIGHTY WING.

The spice blend is spot on.  The unsauced wings have a flavor and a kick like Jean Claude Van Dam in Blood Sport.  My sauce of choice was the Sweet & Sour and the Honey Mustard.  Oh Em GEE!!!!  The sweetness of the sweet & sour sauce mixed with the strong spice of the wing, whew!   The tangy honey mustard is a fine compliment as well.

McDonald’s Mighty Wings.  Spicy, Bold, Delicious!





McDonald’s Mighty Wangs

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