Indulge in #EXCESSTASY!

To some people eating healthy is a concern. To others like myself, and apparently Slater’s 50/50′s executive chef Brad Lyons, exceptional and extraordinary food is more important.

As the New Year begins, many are hurrying down to their local gyms, starting new diets, and pretending they will be able to see these fitness resolutions through past Valentine’s Day. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act went into full effect on the 1st. As one can see, health and wellness, like every year, seem be big topics of discussion right now. I don’t think that is true at Slater’s 50/50. There are many words and phrases [amazing, nom nom nom , exceptionally great, 100% Ground Bacon Heaven, excessive] that could be used to describe the #Excesstasy Burger, and Ice Cream Excesstasy Sandwich, but I do not think ‘healthy’ is one of them.

The #Excesstasy Burger is January 2014′s Burger of The Month at Slater’s 50/50, and it is the epitome of all things excessive. The most noteworthy item within the burger is a Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich. If that is not enough shock and awe, the burger features a 100% all natural beef patty on a bed of arugula, and garlic tomato confit. Wait, that’s not all! There’s a 100% ground bacon patty soaked in bone marrow butter, separated by oozing white cheddar cheese, and the aforementioned magnificent bacon grilled cheese sandwich, all between a brioche bun. We can’t forget, the fried duck egg, Southern Comfort drunken onions, and house-made 1000 island aioli.

Every element of this burger screams of orgasmic pleasure. It takes several unique items, and places them together in a configuration that yields an eye-popping, mind boggling, and a taste bud bursting sexual experience that would leave any man drooling, and yearning for more. The #Excesstasy Burger is the Jessica Rabbit of hamburgers.

If Jessica Rabbit were an actual woman, I’d imagine very few men would know where to begin with her; the same is true for this burger. The #Excesstasy Burger, after posing for her glamor shots, left me in a dumbfounded and eager daze like a teen in anticipation of losing his virginity. I removed the knife that held her together. I took off her top off [the brioche bun], and gracefully slid the bacon grilled cheese sandwich soaked in yolk, from her center. I take my first bite, the edges were crispy and toasted, and the combination of egg yolk, cheese, bacon and bread filled my mouth with a gooey goodness that rivals any homemade grilled cheese. I dive into rest of the burger, and I enjoy it. The duck egg, garlic tomato, sautéed onions, arugula, and dressing added a flavor profile to the otherwise mildly seasoned beef patty. It was the first full, solitary bite of the grilled-charred, bone marrow soaked, and salty 100% ground bacon patty that sent my palette into overdrive, and yielded a forceful and overwhelming foodgasmic climax.


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Burger of The Month: The #Excesstasy Burger

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