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3rd Annual Taste of Mexico at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes

Mexican food [culture] and Los Angeles are synonymous, in my mind. Understanding the history and the culture of Mexicans in Southern California is something that has always interested me, so it was a great pleasure when I was invited to cover an event known as The Taste of Mexico.

Goya Beans

Goya Beans – Together we make good things happen.

Goya Bean and Rice mix w/ cilantro and onions at The Taste of Mexico

Certainly a treat!!! Goya Beans was present at The Taste of Mexico. Their booth was right near the entrance and to the right. This mixture of beans, rice and onion was a tasteful delight.

I had only heard of this event recently on the call-in version of ¡Ask a Mexican!®, a syndicated advice and information column in the OC Weekly, written by Gustavo Arellano—bestselling author of the books: Ask a Mexican and Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America—on The Tom Leykis Show.

The event is for Mexican restaurants in both Los Angeles and Orange County to showcase their talented chefs and creative food items that represent both Angelenos and Mexicans alike.  Food aside, it’s about the deep-rooted culture and history of a people who make up our beautiful city, there would be no Los Angeles without Mexicans.  So many of our street names have Mexican influence, La Cienega Blvd is even spelled incorrectly.  In Rockstar’s most recent video game, Grand Theft Auto V is based in Los Santos (Los Angeles) which is located in the state of San Andreas (California), there is clear influence, reference and theme here and it is time for those who do not acknowledge it to recognize what this culture and these people have done for us as Angelenos and in the United States.  Living in L.A. is not just about the fame and glory of Hollywood, we have culture and a lot of it.  Whether it be Mexican or otherwise, Los Angeles is a cultural melting pot that no other city in the United States can claim, not even you, New York.

Food is one of the best ways to explore a culture, and also one of the most captivating.  Hosting the event at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes was not a arbitrary decision, in my opinion, it was clear that a place that represented a peoples’ legacy would be the only suitable venue for such a culturally-rich event.


Mariscos El Coraloense

6600 Florence Ave.
Bell Gardens, CA 90201
(562) 776-8800

Ceviche de Camaron from Mariscos El Caraloense in Bell Gardens, CA

One of the best Shrimp Ceviche I have ever had. I scooped it out of the container, grabbed some chips and began to walk away. The attendee of the booth caught me and put amazing sauces on it and it was ASTONISHING and spicy.


¡Loteria Grill!

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Chef Jimmy Shaw and I

I was introduces to Chef Jimmy Shaw of Loteria Grill. I look forward to working with him and his restaurants in the future. Sampling the food was not enough for me, I certainly want to admire a full dish.


Loteria Grill at The Taste of Mexico 3rd Annual Food Event

Loteria Grill came prepared to wow with their selective menu. The dishes I tried were: Taco Bilingue and Taco Los Tres Cochintos.


Taco Bilingue

Taco Bilingue or The Bilingual Taco was amazing. Beef and pork tongue on the same taco. The meats’ taste and texture collided with my tongue creating an intimate and steamy culinary menage à trois.

Taco Bilingue from Loteria Taco at The Taste of Mexico 2013


Taco Los Tres Cochintos from Loteria Grill at The Taste of Mexico

Taco Los Tres Cochinitos (The Three Little Pigs) were any bacon lovers dream come true. I have never had bacon on a taco or even thought to use it in a Mexican dish. Carnitas, Bacon and Chicharron on a taco. Chef Jimmy certain made a point with this dish and it had a wonderful bacon salty taste with the amazing crunch of pork rinds.






Coni'Seafood on Urbanspoon






FRIDA Tacos at The Taste of Mexico 2013

FRIDA Tacos at The Taste of Mexico 2013

FRIDA Tacos at The Taste of Mexico 2013

Of Course I had to get one of each, Carne Asada, Carnitas and Chicken



Tampico Spice Company

Tampico Spice Company at The Taste of Mexico 2013

Tampico Spice Company at The Taste of Mexico 2013




Tecate Girls at The Taste of Mexico 2013

Tecate Beer at The Taste of Mexico 2013

Indio Beer at The Taste of Mexico 2013

My beer of choice for the evening.



Ricky’s Fish Tacos

1400 North Virgil Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Ricky's Fish Tacos on Urbanspoon



Ricky of Ricky's Fish Tacos at The Taste of Mexico 2013

Ricky is always ready to smile for a picture and serve up some amazing fish tacos.




Ricky's Fish Tacos at The Taste of Mexico 2013

I’ve tried Rubio’s fish tacos and I liked them, but after trying Ricky’s yesterday, there might not be a chance of me going back to Rubio’s, at least not for fish tacos.




Mezcal Sacrificio









Guerilla Tacos

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Swordfish Belly Tacos from Guerilla Tacos at The Taste of Mexico 2013

I have never had swordfish let alone a swordfish belly taco. As I approach the booth and saw the beautiful young woman (above) holding a dish out to me. I eagerly accepted it whilst asking what it was? She stated that it was a Swordfish Belly Taco and being the foodie adventure I am, I dove right into the ocean and enjoyed this wonderful and different taco.






Misc. Images

Hot Chocolate at The Taste of Mexico 2013

There’s never a bad time to have hot chocolate. I wish they were advertising something but they weren’t. Whatever milk they used in this was great.


The Taste of Mexico 2013




Live Music at the Taste of Mexico 2013


Chefs and City officals at The Taste of Mexico 2013

The Taste of Mexico 3rd Annual Food Event

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