Burgers N Brews w/ Steven Sievert | The Burger Crawl – Ep. 70

On this week’s episode of The Burger Crawl, I am joined my fellow YouTuber, Steven Sievert. After about two or so months, he and I finally make it out to a long overdue lunch/dinner filming session. This shoot turns out to be the most rouge, and guerilla style filming on my channel to date.

I had the Big Boy Burger, and Steven had the Mexican Burger from Burgers N Brews in Santa Monica, CA. Each of us paired our burgers with beers we felt would be suiting to our taste, and the food we are eating. I had Goose Islands’ Matilda, and Steven had the Golden Road’s Wolf Among Weeds.

I hope you guys enjoy this episode of The Burger Crawl.

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