Eye and lip tacos – Trippy Food Episode 22

If tacos are the ubiquitous dish universally accepted by the State of California as their source of culinary pride, then Lilly’s Taqueria is the standard bearer. There isn’t anything edible on a cow’s head that doesn’t end up in their tacos – Quincy Freeman (Cue the Critic, The Burger Crawl on YouTube) and I go for the hardcore ojos (eye) and labia (lips) tacos on this episode of Trippy Food

Cue the Critic’s Burger Crawl on YouTube: www.YouTube.com/CueTheCritic
Lilly’s Taqueria: www.lillystacos.com @LillysTacos

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About The Author
- I am Quincy, but you can call me Cue. I love food, and sharing my culinary experiences with you. Feel free to engaged with me over some good foodie conversation.