I am the next #TravelChannelStar because no one else is crazy enough to take a 26 hours turnaround trip for one hamburger!

It is 12:43a.m., I just got home from running an errand up to North Hollywood, and I arrived in a bit of a funk.  I am kind of moody from time-to-time.  I am supposed to be getting up at 3:00a.m. to make my way down to Venice Beach to take care of some business, very likely I am not going to do that.  I digress, my morning/night has been completely made despite my aforementioned attitude.  

I left my live audition for Travel Channel’s #TravelChannelStar search feeling odd.  I know I did not crush the audition the way I wanted to or even how I envisioned it.  Seeing myself in the highlight reel, however, makes me feel like I did no do as bad as I thought.

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The weekend prior to the audition, I took a drive to Phoenix to try Paradise Valley Burger Co. [after hearing about them on Triple D] for my YouTube Channel’s featured series The Burger Crawl.  When I left Arizona, I drove straight to Chatsworth to have dinner at Lenny’s Smokehouse BBQ because I was cast on an upcoming episode of a show for FYi.  Anyway, while on this 26-hour turnaround trip, I made stops, hung out in some trees, and recorded  sound bites of what was to later become my self-submitted audition tape for Travel Channel.  I ultimately decided to audition in person though.  My idea on the trip was that there might not be anyone else in the country crazy enough to drive from Los Angeles to Phoenix to try one hamburger, then drive passed home by 40 miles to have dinner.  My premise was or still is, rather, I want to be the next #TravelChannelStar because no one else is crazy enough to do the things I am willing to do—just for the sake of doing them.


I really love Hamburgers…see Paradise Valley Burger Co.’s Brulee Burger below…


The Brulee Burger


The Lucky Charms Shake



Paradise Valley Burger Co.
4001 E Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85032
(602) 535-4930
Paradise Valley Burger Company on Urbanspoon

#TravelChannelStar: I Really Love Hamburgers [Video]

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