Veggie Hyrbrid at Oh My Burger L.A. | The Burger Crawl – Ep. 28

How do you combine two things together that may no seem to work together? A combination of healthy and fat assery. Oh My Burger L.A. has done that successfully. They have something for everyone, including me. On this week’s episode of The Burger Crawl, Chef Brandyn Powell makes me a veggie burger with a meat patty substitution.

He combines three menu burgers to create this veggie melt burger hybrid. It does not have an official name yet, but maybe one of you can help us figure that out.

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The Veggie Hybrid is a combination of OMB’s Lovell Burger, The Veggie Melt, and a regular menu burger. It was created in an effort to get me to try two things at once: the veggie melt, and OMB’s new 73/27 beef blend. I enjoyed both, and to my surprise the vegetables gave the burger an intense depth of flavor which meld well with the meat and fat content of the burger patty.

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