Bacon Cheeseburger at A&T Burgers | The Burger Crawl – Ep. 16

Sometimes you don’t want the ‎Onion Jam‬, ‪‎Fruit roll-up‬ ‪‎Ketchup‬ or a half-blend of ‪‎bacon‬ in your ‪‎burger‬. There are times when you just need an unpretentious, very simple, and quality burger. A&T Burgers in South Los Angeles‬ certainly qualifies!
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If you can make food in the hood of Los Angeles without being shot, you may very well have a quality product. This stands true at A&T Burger in South Central. The burger place has a 30 year history in the community, and the locals love it. It is a favorite to high school student at Locke High School, and the residence of the area. Simple and delicious.

A&T Burgers
11318 Avalon Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90061

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