Has Los Angeles finally found its own “authentically L.A.” dish in a fish dish created by a Rockstar Surfer Bro?  Killer!

We can have an interminable dispute on whether Los Angeles rides the coattail of New York City or any other major city in the United States when it comes to food, and culinary trends.  Valentino (of Trippy Food) and I talk about this quite often.  He has lived on the East coast, in Texas, and has spend the latter 11 or so years of his life here in L.A.  I am pretty nomadic myself, having lived in Rhode Island, Boston, and New York.  With those experiences, and our knowledge of food culture in the U.S., I think it is safe to say that as a city, Los Angeles may not have a food that people travel from far to [only] have here—in its most authentic form.

Travelers go to Chicago expecting amazing pizza, hot dogs, and chili; many go to Philadelphia expecting original and authentic Cheesesteak; Memphis is known for dry rubbed meats; Kansas City for great sauce; and Portland, Maine has—indubitably—some of the best seafood in the Atlantic Northeast.  What does the rest of the United States come to Los Angeles for?  Street Tacos?  Danger Dogs?  Elote?  Asian cuisine?  In-N-Out?  We are a cultural melting pot with one of the most diverse demographic in the country, thereby causing our food to be taken from every region of the world, but leaving us without a food that is strictly Los Angeles, and represents our city as such.

The unique and well seasoned broth began as a family dish, and has evolved into greatness that I believe can attract masses from far and wide.  Lee Michaels served a shrimp-filled, au jus styled dish to his friends and family in the 70’s; and went on to open a small restaurant with a single item menu—Killer Shrimp. 

*BOFF* *BAM* *POW* The spicy-dipped french bread packs a fierce punch like 1960’s Batman & Robin fighting off Egghead’s goons.  Startled I carry on sopping and eating; I add a shrimp into my bite and the flavor is astonishing.  The plentiful dish is available shelled or unshelled shrimp, and comes with enough french bread to feed two or more.

Since its humble beginnings on Washington Boulevard in Marina Del Rey, Killer Shrimp has relocated, expanded its menu, and added 2 additional locations in Santa Barbara, and now, Hermosa Beach.  Los Angeles is abundant in great food, but lacking in originality.  Killer Shrimp is a standout dish.  This is one restaurant that the rest of the world can only find here.  Uniquely L.A.!



Killer Shrimp (Hermosa Beach)
19 Pier Ave.
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
(310) 372-7071
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Killer Shrimp: Saving Los Angeles

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